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What Xtol does...


Xtol are committed to providing up to date, clear and impartial information, advice and support to employers and candidates throughout the programme.


What is Information, Advice and Guidance?

It is about getting the right advice and making most of your

opportunities. An advisor will discuss with you; your present

and future prospects helping you work out a path to follow,

matching appropriate courses and programmes in order

to develop your knowledge and skills within your industry.


What are the benefits of Information, Advice

and Guidance?

- Helps identify training needs and appropriate learning

- Increases motivation to successfuly complete the training and

progress to further learning

- You will have access to resources that will enable you to obtain the correct

  information, support and guidance to achieve potential

- Improves team work

- Boosts confidence and competence

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Classroom Based Courses


We run classroom based courses to support the unemployed back into work.          

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What are Apprenticeships ?

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of achieving qualifications and gaining workplace experience, you can earn as you learn and gain practical skills from the workplace.                                                    

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Information Advice and Guidance

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