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The level 2 certificate in warehousing and storage principles has been developed to provide learners the opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to work effectively in a warehousing and storage environment.                                                                                      

The level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage Principles

They will have the opportunity to:

ENGAGE in learning to develop a range of skills and techniques

DEVELOP personal skills and attribures essential for successful performance

ATTAIN the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need to prepare work

DEVELOP functional skills and personal learning and thinking skills

PROGRESS to employment

ADVANCE to related general and/or vocational qualifications

Providing the unemployed with the skills they need to get back into work

Learners will gain skills in warehousing and storage, develop their knowledge in:

Understanding health, safety security and legislation

Understanding how to be an effective team worker

Understanding how to recieve and store goods

This qualification is ideal if you are new to warehousing and storage and want to enhance your opportunities in obtaining employment.


This qualification is ideal for learners looking to work in these potential job roles:


  Stock control

  Stores assistant

  Warehouse worker

For a certificate in warehousing and storage principles, you will attend a 7 day training course, learn in a group wotj your training providet and be assessed by a multiple-choice test.

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