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The level 1 certificate in Retail Knowledge has been developed to help learners to gain an understanding of areas such as selling, customer service, team working, health and safety, dealing wit theft, product knowledge for specific areas such as chilled food, newspapers, garden retail, beauty and fashion.                                        

The level 1 certificate in Retail

They will have the opportunity to:

ENGAGE in learning to develop a range of skills and techniques

DEVELOP personal skills and attribures essential for successful performance

ATTAIN the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need to prepare work

DEVELOP functional skills and personal learning and thinking skills

PROGRESS to employment

ADVANCE to related general and/or vocational qualifications

Providing the unemployed with the skills they need to get back into work

Learners will gain skills in employability, personal development and develop their knowledge in:

Understanding customer service in the retail sector

Understanding how a retaill business maintains health and safety on its premises

Understanding the retail selling process

Understanding how individuals and teams contribute to the effectiveness of a retail business

This qualification is ideal if you are new to retail and want to enhance your opportunities in obtaining employment.


This qualification is ideal for learners looking to work in these potential job roles:


  Retail Assistant

  Retail Merchandiser


For a certificate in retail you will attend a series of training workshops over a 2 week period. The course involve working in a group with your training provider and be assessed by a mulitple choice test.

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